better in time

09 Nov
Congratulations!! Nong Cuy on his graduated. I am very proud of you.

Better in time story.

Sitting in the corner of my house again,
– why do i have to feel lonely?
It is really simple question but hardly to find the answer for it. Lonely because I am being alone but so lots of people also alone as well, Do they ever feel empty like i do?
I wanted to go somewhere, go to see some friend but could not do it so, I have to be at home all time to wait for the 2 kids to come and take care of them, mom was at the farm doing work til late afternoon, i feel like a boring time for me. If i go back to bkk this time i will not come home until I finish my master degree, I know it sound bad but I don’t think home is a place for me today.

I would like to go to meet Kwan, my friend and Kabb, sometimes i like to go to see Pexy as well, but i have no car. I did not buy one though, that’s why.
so that’s why i need to stay in bkk, cause in bkk, I need nothing at all, just to do work… I have Maw and my opportunity.


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