Good Friday in Manila

21 Apr

Good Friday

Hi All, after a few weeks that i wasn’t able to write anything (because I have nothing to say, nothing exciting me here) then finally I decided to write about my long holiday which my Deanie friend told me it is a ” Good Friday ” and there is something to do with the religion.

Compare this holiday as Thai New Year, why do i say that? Well, it is because Manila is really empty during this holiday same as empty Bangkok when it comes to Songkran (Water Festival). All Philippines in Manila they went out since Wednesday right after work and my department also allow everyone to leave after completed their daily task.

Oh, I am so proud of myself of making a spicy dressing, using lot of chili, red union, and garlic. I used to watch my mother doing it every time when i get home, I never wanted to do it myself but as i happen to be far a lot from mother and none of the vendor shop sells this stuff! I should put the picture in here next time when i do it again. It is very easy menu and make me cry over my dinner because of it spices!!!  but i love it very much though. 🙂






My NamPrik Noom

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