Who killed the fly?

12 May
My Rock Island

My Long Island

Who killed the fly?

Who killed the fly?

Yesterday I and my roommate went swimming together on the pool, top floor of our building (Makati Executive tower 2), her first day on the pool, she did not know how to swim either so I suggested that she familiarized herself with the pool first before learning to swim and she noted on my advised. We plan to go swim again this morning but didn’t make it because she just got her period!! Well, that’s ok because I feel so lazy too.

I don’t want to do shopping for my food this week, think I will be going with bread from Mini stop or 7-11 again.
I have been watching Harry Potter again and again, guess what?? Because it is good when you have no internet at home for 2 days.
I was trying to thinking of writing something cool while I have nothing to do, since no one request any special story then, I should blog my shopping day at Landmark on Saturday May 30 2011 with Coin Ma, my roommate.
Landmark is a cheap shopping center in Manila, with air con of course, otherwise we could not survive from the hot humid during the day, if any of you has been to Pratunum ( Bangkok, Thailand) this place is pretty similar to that.
Landmark links with Goriata and Greenbelt, plenty of shops and restaurants.
I got 2 pants 200 + 300 pesos (very nice one, I got them on sale, will take a picture and put them on the blog later), a leggings 200 pesos, swimming short 150 pesos, then later on we went to SM Department store ( I like Forever21 the most ) planning to buy something for cooking but Coin could not find the things she wanted to buy but I got my whitening cream and my spoon’s pack.
Does anyone here want to know cost of living in Makati, Manila (The most expensive area in this country)?
Tell you my story: I normally get fruits from Cash & Carry or SM Hypermarket every week and put them in my fridge it cost me 200-300 pesos (6 apples, one pineapple,4 bananas) I have them as my breakfast with some sandwich that I got from 7-11 ( 20 pesos), lunch I normally go eat something like noodles, or chicken at KFC (150-200) then evening I eat fruits and steaming sweet corn from a vendor beside the street on the way home, don’t eat much for you dinner to avoid gaining weight. So weekly you would spend 1,000 pesos.
Me and my roommate we had a fight over of who killed the fly?
Because the fly was lying down in front of her laptop where she usually sit hours surfing the net hehe, but she regretted it, she said I am a murderer “You killed the fly not me” lol

Now she can’t get in to her room because she forget her key in her room, normally she doesn’t lock it but seems like today everything is going wrong for her, started from not bringing her purse when we both go shopping and secondly she forget the key and locked the door.
Tell you one more thing over here, the Vodka is pretty cheap, I got 350ml for only 1 $ so I have decided to make my own Long Island and I nearly finish them before I realized that I want to take a picture and blog about it.
I think of Maw (my best friend) a lot recently, he being the cheerful and happy person ever, we usually hangout every month in our best pub at Silom Soi 2 or Soi 4 or the Sakea pub near Kaosarn Rd,.
I haven’t manage my way to go any night club since I have been here on March, due to the money issue on my first arrival and on my second month I don’t have any friends who would joining the night out!

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    July 4, 2014 at 10:43 pm

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