BED in Manila, gay night club.

22 May

Finally I made it ! hehehe

I was went out 2 weeks ago with P Ouh, I beg them to show me around in Manila though, then he said what on earth have i been thinking of going to gay bar, but that doesn’t stop me.

Sometimes i feeling like gay club is more fun than any others straight club. I just feel that to myself that more would be no safer place than going to gay place, because all the people would just ignore you then it would be just perfect time to enjoy a night out and music!!.

I don’t have any picture to prove tho, only the picture of myself dressing up for that.

The gay club is very nice, it’s call BED, in Malate area, not far from Makati Cityland from where i live, about 80 pesos by taxi. so if any of you come along then visit the bed website first and you need to pay entrance fee 500 pesos , 2 drinks included. but if you are about to buy small beer then it just 100 pesos! not biggie right 🙂


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