Less than perfect!

03 Oct

I am so tired. I am very tired. I am freaking tired. I am shitty tired. I am less than perfect.

The only place on earth I wanted to be right now is home but where exactly is my home. I was wondering. I remember disagreed with my mom early September then we have never talked again since then. I really have no home that I can go, no place that I can really feel safe and sound. What a shitty situation that I threw myself into.

I recently feel I have nothing to do apart from work, work and work. I got home and still thinking of all the working issue. I can’t find the other half of my life, the fun and entertaining, not anymore.

A friend told me that the biggest issue that I face is my EGO. Nah I don’t really see that as an issue or maybe I don’t quite understand what it really means. hehehe I am being so true myself that’s all I know.

Time for bed! Good night.

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Posted by on October 3, 2013 in Philippines



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