Naga Fireball Festival – Nongkhai, Thailand

16 Oct

All right, I have start this post by filling the picture and now I have to put up the content of “Naga Fireball Festival”

What is it?

It’s something that scientist can’t explain how that happen. It’s only 1 night/ yearly, and it has to be in Nongkhai, at the river bank. Perfect watching time after sunset until 7.30 PM, Thailand time.

A close up of Naga fireball – I have chosen the shape, size and color that I most familiar with. I have seen this since I was a young girl at 7 and every year until I left Nongkhai for study.

In the afternoon of the day that this amazing Naga fireball will fire from Mea Kong River. We will see Thai Tradition dancing where it is very rare to find nowadays.

At night, during and after the Naga fireball, you will see at least 10, fire boat along the river for the competition.

The photo took with 30-40 years back, I am not sure if this is Naga though.

So why do I blog about this? Well I am just very exciting to get back and stand at the river bank again to watch this amazing event, It’s been 10 years since my last seen. Nothing is going to change, i am just aging but I know that every year, at the same spot, people will still seeing for another hundreds years.

Flying to Thailand tomorrow at 9 pm and will be in Nongkhai, Thailand on Friday morning.

For those of you who would like to attend next year 2014, please book a flight and book Mut Mee guest house and take the Nagarina Cruise from Mut Mee to enjoy an hour ride along Mea Kong River back and forth for the event. Tell Julian & Pao that you know P Orn, so that I can get a referral fee. LOL I am kidding though. I used to work in Mut Mee for 1.5 years and really love how they care for their customers.

And also let me know, 🙂 so that I can introduce you to a new international and local friends from openmind house they usually having English camp during this school off in October! It’s worth visiting Toto, Sven and the team and great time to hang out and make real locals friends.

Alright, enough said for now, but will keep update photos from 2013 trip after I get back from Nongkhai then.

Update –**–

I did not get a picture since the iPhone can’t capture any fireball and I went on a private section where I don’t see other people accept my family. We just camping, making barbecue, with beers and obviously  Somtum which I couldn’t miss of course!

During the trip I faced some difficulty on my domestic flight which have already been paid thru Credit card but since the card owner did not travel with me then I have no credit card to show at the counter and they can’t allow me to fly. [I think my flight was cancel thru a credit card company though, I really appreciated to the card owner who did this to me because it is just making me see clearer picture.]

I was then managed to buy a separate ticket and made it last minute, safe and sound at home.

I am a happier person lately and I just need to relocate myself back home [Thailand] for new life.

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