It’s New year in Malaysia

06 Nov

Malaysia Truly Asia … Yeah, what about Thailand? Are we not truly Asia?….. LOL

That is just silly question though. I have never been to Malaysia but I will do so this coming new year 2014. Will busy Tina and the rest of Thai team, whoever assign to look after KL projects at that time.

When you say Malaysia, I can think of the twins tower, KLCC, Muslim country near Singapore, cosmetics on sale.

I am still working on the place where I will be going, probably sneak in National book store for Travel Guide KL. But if anyone have anyplace to recommend then please comment below. Thank you. 🙂

Useful link

I had my  Friday for Malaysia all day. It is not that I was looking for a place to hangout though but I have done some serious study for my work. I am very impress that 1 Malaysian earn 17,000 USD / yearly, major income of the country are coming from exports, tourism and services.

Male mostly working for industry like oil & gas,IT, wood, agricultural, while woman are in tourism and services job.

I have more depth info but can’t share here since people might find it offensive.

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