Hexagon in RCBC plaza

16 Nov

After storm here come a beautiful day!

I woke up at 10 am this morning and getting prepare for the i-lash, it is the first time and quite painful in the eyes because of the glue that they applied. But never mind, I have a very cute eyes-lashes so that I could enjoy it more when I put make up on.See last photo for my lashes.

3rd floor, i-lash, cash & carry mall.

Friday was a very happy day for me! why?

It’s the day that I got to know the restaurant name Hexagon in RCBC plaza. I went there with Wendy on Thursday for late lunch, then back there again the same day after work with P Boon for a drink and chat.

Then Friday lunch I took Cherry out again at Hexagon. I just feeling like I could not get enough of it. It’s a dream place that I was wondered for some place like this to sit and eat since I started working here, 3 years ago.

By the way I have a new look, after long hair for 3 years then I have decided to change for a way way better hair.





You can really see from my smile on how happy I was for just having Kao Kook Kapi! It made my day.



Me with my lashes! I am happy for it too. 🙂

I have putting up my pics just so a friend from Korea knows that I am doing well and survive from a storm. Thanks so much Sokkie for your email, no matter how many year past, you are still here to keep looking out for me. I am very much appreciate it.

I am still checking out the place to go in KL this new year. Hope I could book everything before this coming Friday!


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