2014 – New year revolution

17 Nov

My inspiration look for 2014 year!

Let’s just blog only thing that make us happy!

I will write up the content of this later, i will have to sit back and summarize what have i done and what will I be looking forward to 🙂

Alright! It’s time for review 2013 year.

I took a step further from being Thai Country Manager to be a function manager in Forum & Social Media for South East Asian Countries.What challenging me is people, either from whom I have to manage and also channel that I have to help these executive to build one.That’s a good change right ? I guess so.

I have been working in the Philippines for 3 years Whowwwww!! I can’t believe that I have stayed this long.It also surprise me too. I don’t know what went wrong to 1 country 1 year policy that I have set at the beginning of my year abroad.

I have never finished any book in 2013 which is call the worst. I usually read at least 1 book/year.

I set myself free from a relationship. The freedom is back. There is nobody who cares and really loves who you are. I disbelief in all those beautiful & sweet words ages ago. I can never let myself into any relationship again. I am too bad at it.

What am I looking for in 2014?

Do 2 more years in Philippines then pack for MBA in UK.


Take the Online Marketing Specialist for KAPLAN working base in BKK, Thailand (Where the shopping paradise, massage&spa heaven, delicious street food, tropical fruits all year long)


Quit my job in Mar 2014, fly back to Thailand, start my language tutor school business.

I can’t really confirm anything right now. Need a lot of sleeps in making good decision.

Updated: It’s true that people who are lucky in game but may not lucky in love. I never get those at the same time but I don’t care! LOL

This is the life I have chosen for the next 2 years, STAY HERE and MAKE DAME GOOD MONEY then PACK MY BAG FOR MBA course in UK.

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