Low carbs – Weight loss

01 Mar

Hello it’s been a long time since my last update for English blogging one though, I have done a lot recently but in Thai since the content only suitable for my Thai readers!

I have gone through the weight loss program by myself hahaha I eat less carbohydrates in every meal and avoid if possible, my weight came down from 48 kg to 44 kg within 4 weeks.

I do a bit of exercise while control my carbs, I walk park 30 mins everyday, which torn my legs a lot, I have no problem fitting on my skinny jeans, I can wear it more comfortably.

I will continue to control it for another 4 weeks, which recently I want to eat protein lots. I have chosen to take protein from peanuts, white eggs, I allow myself to take carbs in my first meal of the day but very small portion.

I tune in my Cardio exercise at least 3 times a week ( with hoping that it will take away the fat that construct in my belly ), other than that I will take a walk for 30 mins if the weather is good and if the environment is excellent of course 😀

Key to remember when you are on low carbs diet

  1. What you see is what you eat, so fill out your place only with greens, peanuts, drinking water, grass noodles, and sukiyaki source! Please throw away all those pop sodas, snacks, chips.
  2. Detox is very healthy and easy, so yogurt with lemon juice (as much as you can take) and honey and mix them up, drink it the first thing when you wake up or after morning exercise. You gonna love the result by 3rd week, notice yourself get tipsy by just a glass of wine or margarita or whatever your first drink.
  3. Go for a walk, either walking malls or park but at least 3 times a week.Do some exercise, you can choose whatever suit your personality.
  4. Do try on your usual jeans or skinny jeans every now and then, it’s a very good indicator of how much have your legs torn.
  5. Give yourself time, the first week has been the most difficult you might have to eat 6 small meals per day but feel free to do so but make sure you fill in a good products then later on you will be able to lessen both meal times and your food portion. If you are craving something crazy that is not on the low carbs list then do it early or middle meal of the day.
  6. I want to eat salmon shashimi, so if anyone interested then message me 🙂 I can eat it any day/time. I am dying for it right now. Good place is at yakimix buffet at greenbelt 3.

That’s a lot already, I will update my picture by the end of March 2014, need to work to 42 kg.

Let’s be fit and firm everyone! The more you take care of yourself the more happier you will be. Look for it from the inside not out side na ja, hope you get my point.


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