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26 Apr

Hola friend…

After receiving traffic day after day from Korea, I guess Sokki is wondering how am I doing, why have I not updating my blog then within few days I would definitely receiving an email from him. So I better blog before he does that. Am I right Sokki? But if you want to send then I want some pics of your lovely little girl. 😀

I am very busy on my new job here in Philippines, same industry, money wise a bit better but free to run my marketing strategies and learn stuff in a shorter way. That’s very positive.

I am working closely with Korean team, my office mate even gave me Green tea 1,095 (where you have to wait 1095 days before you can pack these leaves and sell) and also Korean coffee. I gave him Thai name as Jed-ta-ryn and he gave me Korean name as Young-ja. How cool is that? 🙂


I am now ready to jump in AEC ( Asian Economic Community) era i guess, I have name in different language too.

Korean: Young-ja Lee
Chinese: Chen Mei Yi
Thai, Laos: OnAnong
English: Annie

Moreover I am busy on my workout and diet, I think I have lost 6 kilos, from 48 to 42 kg now. I will stop the weight here but will continue to eat healthy and lose my belly 🙂

What am I going to do the next few months from now or until the end of the year?

I will be going to Malaysia again on 3-5 July 2014, my best friend wants me to accompany her there. I am very happy though we haven’t spend quality time since 2008.

Then I might going to Thailand with her and stay for 1 week. I am not going home though, unless I make sure that mom will not throw a baby sitting job on me. I am thinking of going to Openmind Projects Center in Nongkhai, catch up with old friend there, and if possible will help them out for Cross Culture Training as well.

I might be going freeze in Korea by the year end! But to be confirm later if going alone or going with a set of friend.


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