Until now 31st Bday Celebrations!

15 May

My dearest reader!

Hope you all doing very well and survive this hot summer until the very end of 2015. I don’t have anything special by the end of the year and I don’t think I would be able to travel to any country during that time, but just stay up anyway!

As always, my night out has never change much, the same group of people that you saw last year is present this 2015 as well. (Emma,Kaokong, Pearie, Kate, me, Chariya, Puyi), I am very happy and lucky that I have them in my life. We were doing Orange theme night out where we are not allow to spend more than 1,000 PHP and Chariya did very well on that. She spent 199PHP on her top and none of us can beat her. She bought tang top then she tie the bow and crop it shorter to suit her high waist skirt. She look absolutely gorgeous!

We host the party on VIP session at Gramercy’s 71. We have finished 1.75 liter Vodka in an hour. We got so drunk! and that’s where #HeInterestedInMe instead of #WhoIsBdayGirl story out.

We ruled Gramercy’s 71. Lots of people asking “Is anyone of your girl getting married?” I don’t know what make them say that but we were just having a #normal girl night out. Can’t believe we were walking around with that sash all night! LOL

1. Kiss me free WIFI. ( I have not given any kisses though, since my wi-fi was broken :P)
2. My virginity is yours.
3. Call me yours.
4. Sexy is my DNA.
5. Sassy since birth.
6. Sexy Bitchy

Alright,… think I have enough said about it. If anyone want to come to Manila for party then let us know. 🙂 We are expert and maybe if we are out on the same night then you can join us! Oh! I will give my new number on my next post. Change job then change number sort of.

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